Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Break

I'm going to be pretty quiet here until Christmas, trying to get my life organized before all the craziness ensues. I'll be back next weekend though, with lots of big announcements so remember to stop by on Christmas!

Until then, I'll leave you with some awesome Christmas craft/decor ideas that can carry through to the New Year and beyond! I've made a few of these, and am in the process of others, so once it's all put together I'll put pictures up so you can see my version of all this stuff! I am so into the vintage book page decor lately, and I have seen so many gorgeous things all over the internet. Enjoy.

I made this wreath from Living with Lindsay and am waiting for my large vinyl frame to come in so I can hang it up in the center.

Braden hates it, but what does he know?

I also hung up some cute paper chains in our kitchen bay window and they look darling. However Braden broke it yesterday when he was trying to swat a fly in our house, so here is what it looked like before the destruction:

photo from Domestic Bliss

I plan on making these modge podged glass ornament with my old book paper. Margie made hers with tissue & vintage text paper, which is cute too. I think I'll add some of Martha's clear glitter to mine as well.

Speaking of Margie, her e-book Vintage Hip Christmas Crafts looks so amazing, I want it so bad. Actually, I'm going to buy it once I'm done with my post, since it's $6. What a steal

Oh, and check out these darling paper mirrors. I saw these at Blissfest and about died. The tutorial is here

And of course, Rhonna has done a TON of cute things with book pages. I love these rosettes she made. I have a bunch made up for a banner I'm finishing. Again, once done, I'll post some pics.

The great thing about this whole vintage book paper thing is that is can carry on to other holidays or even jsut everyday. I know I'm keeping up my stuff for a while, and adding this for Valentine's Day.

I can't remember where I found this picture, but it's a great idea so I have to share. If you've seen any other awesome paper crafts, send them over to me! I'm determined to cover my house in them (even though my husband thinks they're dumb).


Stacy said...

I love the crafts that you post! I am always checking your blog for you fun ideas. You know that "Spring" banner you posted a few months back? I have gotten so many people hooked on House of 3's downloadables so we can make our own. I have had so much fun with them! Thanks Rosemary!